“I think that the work that comes out of my hands is the result of something bigger than me and amazes me when I look at it. I’m just a performer. I hope these works convey to the world what they transmit to me:  the beauty of life, where nothing can be explained, and everything is in balance”; this may explain Stramaglia’s subtle insertion of sacred geometry into his work.  When I paint, the only certainty is that I am not using the mind, but the heart.  Then the rationality disappears and gives way to introspection, and then the soul chooses the subjects and the manner of representing them.”  Stramaglia employs thickly applied, impasto painting, with a liberal integration of dramatic black. His representation of the everyday is elevated to the extraordinary through boldly elegant technique. He uses “the very dark to bring out the light. I learned this from the great Old Masters of the past. My characters are undefined because I think that form is just an invention of rationality and, instead, we are all connected to each other.”  Stramaglia comes from a family of Italian artists, but he was not always convinced it was his calling.  “In fact, when I was a child, I refused the art. For many years, I was a professional boxer, but suddenly, the painting was shouting too loudly, and I had to give it a hearing. I left boxing and now I’m a full-time painter and I have no regrets. I do not worry about success, because I’m not afraid to fail, I never expect anything.” Stramaglia earned degrees from Academy of Fine Arts, Bari, and Florence Academy of Art. He has participated in exhibitions throughout Italy, as well as Germany, Austria, England and the US.  Stramaglia’s work can be found in many exclusive public and private collections.  He currently resides in Apulia, Italy.

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